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 3DR ArduCopter Hexa-C Almost Ready-to-Fly

3DR ArduCopter Hexa-C Almost Ready-to-Fly


This item comes fully assembled and ready to fly!

Telemetry electronics: 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit: - 3DR Radio "Air" module x 1 - 3DR Radio USB- "Ground" module x 1 - Telemetry Cable x 1 - USB Extension Cable, Type A x 1 - Antenna RP-SMA 2dBi x 2
Replacement Kit: Includes: - Brushless motor 850Kv or 880Kv x 2 - 3DR 20A ESC x 2 - Replacement aluminum arms x 2 - Replacement legs x 2 - APC prop set x 1 - Extra stack up plate x 2 - Screws and spacers (different sizes) x 24
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ArduCopter Hexa 3DR - Fully assembled UAV development platform from Udrones

This Hexacopter kit is based off the ArduCopter 3DR. With two extra motors the lifting capacity is increased to over 1kg. The PDB still mounts neatly between the base plates but access to it is made easier by thumb nuts that easily unscrew to remove the stackup. This also lets you attach and remove APM with screws more easily. The frame is designed to fit APM1.0 and 2.0 screw holes in + mode. This kit is designed and manufactured at the 3D Robotics headquarters in San Diego, California.  This item comes fully assembled and ready to use, with several options available to customize, such as telemetry and sonar additions.

You can find more information about development status and more:
- DIY Drones main site
- ArduCopter development wiki
- ArduCopter software downloads

This item comes fully assembled and ready to use, with several options available to customize, such as telemetry and sonar additions.

ArduCopter Hexa 3DR KIT, Electronics Contains the following:
  • 2 Fiberglass Main frame boards 
  • 6 Aluminum arms 
  • 2 Fiberglass Carrier boards
  • Fiberglass Landing gear
  • Power distribution board, power cables and signal cables for PDB-APM
  • All hardware needed to assemble the components above
  • 6 motors
  • 6 20A ESCs
  • 6 propellers
  • Ardupilot Mega 2.5; and GPS unit (Mediatek or uBlox)

* ArduCopter Platform Feature, software roadmap
* 6 Degree of Freedom IMU stabilized control
* Gyro stabilized flight mode enabling acrobatics (loops and barrel rolls)
* Magnetometer for heading determination
* Barometer for altitude hold
* IR sensor integration for obstacle avoidance
* Sonar sensor for automated takeoff and landing capability (Sold separately)
* Automated waypoint navigation
* Motor control using low cost standard PWM Electronics Speed Controllers (ESC's) *
* On board flight telemetery data storage
* Mounted camera stabilization capability
* Wireless command & telemetry for long distance communication (sold separately)
* Capability to fly in "+", "x", quad, hexa and octo configurations
* Battery level detection * * User configurable LED flight pattern
* Capability to use any R/C receiver
* ArduCopter Configuration and Ground Control Software
* Realtime graphs of flight data
* GUI for configuration of PID and other flight parameters
* On Screen Display (OSD) integration,
* Waypoint programming using Google Maps,
* Mixertable view to auto configure "+", "x", quad, hexa and octo configurations,
* Due this is a community product, features can change without any notice!

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