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New Portable Open-Source Ground Station (Arduino and Xbee Based)

SKU DE-0001-01
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The following items are included with this product:

ew Portable Open-Source Ground Station (Arduino and Xbee Based).

Your robot's best friend!

NOTE: Some assembly required!



Atmega328 at 16Mhz with Arduino Bootloader. XBee Socket and 3.3V powered (I've included some holes near to the antenna so you can hold it with a strap). Wireless programing: You can use XBEE to program it (needs 2n2222 transistor available at any radioshack). Can be powered with 2 and 3 cell LIPOS (diode protected and regulated). Huge 4 line screen with backlight, very clear under the sun! (2 pots to control the backlight and contrast). FTDI port to upload code, also the boards is ready to be programmed with XBee. Six button to navigate and change screen and options. Very noisy buzzer that can be used to alert you when it has low battery or low altitude. 6 I/O analog pins available, including the I2C port. 2 powered SERVO OUTPUTS (Tilt & Pan) that can be used to control a directional antenna (NICE!). Extra 3.3V and 5V volts outputs. Status LED's.


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