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MediaTek MT3329 Adapter Basic

MediaTek MT3329 Adapter Basic


This adapter is designed to be fitted on the new MediaTek

SKU BR-0014-02
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This adapter is designed to be fitted on the new MediaTek MT3329 GPS 10Hz located here. It will make your life a lot easier! 

It is EM-406 port compatible, with a built-in power regulator. On the bottom side, the PCB has an easy to solder pad area (you can also solder pin headers) allowing you to build your custom cable. The pads included are "EN" that enables or disables the device; it will just shut down the device for power saving (just leave unconnected if not used), "5V" (power supply), "OUT" (data out), "IN" (data in) and "GND" (ground). The included blue LED will blink while the GPS is searching for satellites and will remain lit when the satellites are fixed (and ready to go!). 

Note that the new MediaTek has custom and exclusive "DIYDrones" firmware allowing the unit to output an efficient and very compressed binary protocol. You can still change between NMEA and Binary protocol with standard MTK messages, and switch the refresh rate between 1hz to 10hz, or set any standard serial baud rate (by default it is set to 38400 bps and custom binary protocol). 

An Arduino example for decoding the custom binary protocol is provided. Remember to install the library folder "GPS_MTK" inside the Arduino IDE "libraries" folder "arduino-00XXlibraries\". The library and the source code is located in the same ZIP file

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