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IDEAFLY IFLY-4 Quadcopter

IDEAFLY IFLY-4 Quadcopter

Reg: $540.95
Save: 35%
IDEAFLY IFLY-4 Quadcopter / Four-axle Flyer ARF without Battery, Cameral Gimbal or Radio Set
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² Rack Material: engineering plastic of military equipment, strong shock resistance
² Installed Dimension: 36*36*24cm
² Weight (without receiver and battery): 620g
² Loading Weight (with receiver and battery): 450g
² Max. Flying Weight: 1150g
Note: To keep good flying performance, overloading is not suggested.
² Axle Base: 450mm
² Motor: 4pcs, 2212 motor, KV850
² ESC: 10A, 4pcs

Recommended Equipments (need to buy separately):
² Battery: 2200Mah, 11.1V, 25C Lipo
² Radio Set: WFLY WFT06X-A, 2.4GHz, 6-channel
² Cameral Gimbal with two servos

² The propellers are built in anti-resonance metal gasket to prevent the quadcopter from shaking and keep the flyer flying stably. The quadcopter is ideal choice for those who loves aerial photo taking.
² Easy to install and test for flying.
² Gorgeous appearance and foldable structure, convenient to carry.
² Equipped with 4 brushless ESC with low noise
² Coming with complete flying system, including controller, ESC and power supply, all of them were installed and tested.
² 6-channel receiver or above is needed.
² High-light 4 LED lights and beepers are provided to indicate the flying status.
² Built-in voltage monitor module to check the voltage of battery and use condition.

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